What Are Beacons?

“In short, Bluetooth is cheaper. Bluetooth is more accurate. Bluetooth is not limited to Android.”

Here Is Why You Need This

What are Beacons? Beacons use Bluetooth technology to connect a specific physical point like a shopper in a mall with the Internet of Things, a physical mesh of ordinary items all embedded with electronics, softwares, and sensors. Beacons utilize the IoT to communicate with smartphones, both up close and across a room. Each beacon sends out a short-range radio signal regularly. In fact, they can transmit these signals ten times or more in a second. Bluetooth-enabled devices, like smartphones, pick up these signals when in range. A beacon’s capabilities depend heavily on what their owner has programmed the infrastructure to do. Some might offer specific information like details for a venue or timetables for a train. Some can offer full real-time wayfinding. Once the smartphone using the relevant app picks up the beacon signal, the next step is automatically triggered.