The Power of Radius Marketing
"We network local businesses with a Powerful BLKBOX Beacon
that sends notifications to cellphones with enticing offers."

When customers come within the proximity of the of the BLKBOX Beacon their phone
receives a notification about local offers.


    First we locate a High Traffic Venue and place our BLKBOX Beacon. Grocery Stores, Strip Malls, Department Stores, Restaurants or any where thousands of customers visi on a regular basis.


    Once the BLKBOX Beacon is in place, we connect nearby businesses to the cellphone notification page.
    For just a small start up fee and only $25 a month…your message is reaching thousands of new customers,


    BLKBOX creates content that gets you noticed. Each BLKBOX Beacon delivers a short message about your business that drives traffic to your custom mobile designed page.

Now you can take advantage of high traffic locations that will alert and
guide new customers to your business or service!


Our process examines your entire brand, and develops custom strategies that accomplish your goals. As our relationship grows and your brand changes, we evolve our strategies.  The sole focus of our DRIVE Strategy is to help you expand the reach and power of your brand.


We take a great amount of time to discover your purpose, process, and goals.  We never loose site of the fact that this is your brand, not ours.  You help give us direction, and we match that with unparalleled research.  Our ultimate focus is helping you reach your goals.


This is the stage where we go to work and start delivering results for our clients. We help bring our wealth of knowledge, research, and experience to the table for you to utilize. By using Radius Marketing we bring new customers to your door rather than passing you by.