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  • Introducing BLKBOX

    BLKBOX is a Global Digital Advertising Network. 3 Billion Dollars will be spent on Digital Advertising this year and BLKBOX makes it easy for you to grab your piece of this extremely fast growing industry. BLKBOX has made it easy for you to get started and build quickly, to meet your financial goal.
  • Profit Plan

    Once you have become a licensed agent, you can start your new BLKBOX business immediately and we do all the hard work. Just find a high traffic business...Gym, Car Wash, Doctors Office or Restaurant.. next locate a place for your BLKBOX Digital Screen where everyone can see and interact.
  • Global Reach

    The custom software & programming for our BLKBOX screen modules, allows us to deliver advertising with the push of a button to anywhere in the world. We will train you and your BLKBOX team on how to approach advertisers and start making money immediately. Now you can create a residual income in advertising with very little effort.
  • A Media Explosion

    Since BLKBOX is the Innovator of our own Technology and Business Model you can benefit from catching the next wave of this media explosion. As a BLKBOX Licensee you become a part of our global network.
  • We Deliver Excitement

    Once you place your BLKBOX Screen in a high traffic venue we add interactive content. We build excitement and dynamic interactive content like local weather, food trivia, movie trivia, Did you know questions, fun facts and more.
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The Here's the basics; BLKBOX is a digital advertising network. We currently have hundreds of screens in our network. We are at a point of rapid expansion.

Each screen is a Licensed Product of BLKBOX. The screens are placed in High Traffic Venues. We always offer a Revenue Share. It guarantees placement in the most valuable locations. Advertising is sold by BLKBOX Agents and Brokers. Each screen can conservatively generate $90,000 in ad revenue.
It's billboard advertising without limits.

3 Billion Dollars is currently being spent on (DOOH) Digital Out Of Home Advertising. We are currently experiencing major growth. Being the first to establish relationships with thousands of venues warrants our success. As a BLKBOX Executive or Team Member we are prepared to Share That Success with You!


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Take Advantage of The Fastest Growing Segment  of the Advertising World

BLKBOX is a turn key system for your to build residual wealth without dedicating hours of tedious work. Start enjoying life while you build your BLKBOX Network. The explosive growth of Digital Out Of Home Advertising has grown to epic proportions. The BLKBOX Network taps into the 3 Billion Dollar Industry with little effort and time on your part. BLKBOX Digital Advertising is now one of the second largest advertising opportunities in the world, second only to mobile. The good news is our next development to add to your new business is an interactive Mobile Solution coming Q2 2018.

BLKBOX Team Building Formula

 The Cornerstone To Your New Endeavor.

Smart, simple and best of all its easy to quickly build a global team. When you combine fast team building with one of the most lucrative advertising options on the market, what you receive is a tremendous amount of control over your finances, your future and your ability to be a positive influence in your community.

BLKBOX Licensee Network


BLKBOX is a Turnkey system that is Simple but Powerful. What if you had the opportunity to purchase several TV or Radio Stations in the 1950's at a price of around $1000 and could offer effective advertising to  businesses that desperately needed your help. BLKBOX gives you just that opportunity. Don't stop now, quit limiting your potential because you refuse to grasp a new vision and a new life. Thousands upon thousands of people just like you have the ability to build a new life, a financially secure future and be a giver of hope in your community. Join the BLKBOX Team Today.

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Stop Trading Hours For Dollars. If you pause your life for one minute and imagine how your life would change if you had a money generating machine in venues across your city, region or even all across the United States. Now realize your new business producing $75,000 Per Location .  How different would your day be tomorrow if you say YES today.  If you take action and change your trajectory.

Fast Track Top Producer Formula

Taught by some of the industries most experienced team builders, this program will show you how you can become a top producer in your BLKBOX business.

If you are looking to know what others are doing to turn their BLKBOX Business into a thriving money maker, and a step-by-step application plan you can use to do it too, then The BLKBOX Fast Track Top Producer Formula is a “must have” for your success.

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